A “Personal Recommendation” for Google+

Your face is on Facebook.  You’ve kept it to 140 or less on Twitter.  You’re linked in on LinkedIn.  So why bother signing up on Google+?  Isn’t it all enough social networking already?

If you’ve thought about getting on board with Google+ (http://plus.google.com/), but weren’t really sure what the pay-off would be, then the news you’ve been waiting for is here.

“Google search undergoes ‘most radical transformation ever'” by John D. Sutter

Personal, 1-to-1 recommendations are always the most trusted source of information among consumers. If you own your own business and / or are involved in marketing and sales, you know there’s nothing more powerful than word of mouth.

Google’s addition of Google+ links (or “+1’s”) from its social network feeds to its already-powerful set of search results is nothing short of radical!  Over time, Google+’s “personal recommendations” will most likely become an important part of its search results mix, along with good SEO placement, paid advertising, and local search results.

Now may be the time to consider creating both a personal and a business presence on Google+ in order to get your brand and your message out there.  Customers are searching businesses like yours — make sure that they can find you and that they can recommend you to their friends.  Your success depends on it!

About Bri Swatek

DJ Bri Swatek, Spinning with Style, Your DJ for Your Unique Style in the Hudson Valley of New York: www.DJBriSwatek.com
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