What’s Your Plan for Success During the Recovery?

Always looking for a little good news over my morning coffee, two articles poked their heads up out of the usual end-of-civilization-as-we-know-it quagmire:

Stocks soar on surprising jobs gains

Jobs report lifts Dow to highest mark since ’08

Sure, sometimes the stock market seems like the world’s largest legal poker game, but the fundamentals behind this news are clear:  there is some good news out there on the jobs front.  I think that most of us would completely agree with Lawrence Creatura, an equity portfolio manager at Federated Investors, when she told the AP, “in this economy, only one variable matters right now, and that variable is employment.  This report was great news.”

As business people, we’ve spent a lot of the past few years looking at how to weather the recession.  What about the recovery?  By all accounts, it’s slow going, but the trend does seem to be heading in the direction of a recovery, rather than a double-dip recession.  How are you adapting your business to the slow (but as these articles indicate, more and more real) prospect of a recovery?  What’s your plan for improvement as the economy slowly improves?

This could be a time to reinvest, refocus, push forward, or reinvent.  The first step toward success is to evaluate, and the second step is to set goals.  Where are you now, and where do you want to be after the recovery?


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