Bringing “The Human Element” into Your Business Success

I found what Dave Grohl had to say on Grammy night this year truly inspiring, and I find his follow-up even more meaningful.

(Thanks to my friend Jason E. Hedrington for sharing this article.)

The analog process that the Foo Fighters used to record their latest album favored time and quality over the go-to-market speed of digital recording.  Knowing their fan-base would appreciate the extra attention that went into recording their album was an important consideration as well–in essence, they knew their product and they knew their customers.

Technology affords us the ability to quickly communicate an idea or sell a product or service the moment it is ready for distribution.  However, in business communication, we’ve all been guilty of letting technology get in the way of “the human element” from time to time:  phone calls vs. face-to-face interaction;  emails and texts vs. letters and cards; social networking vs. spending time with friends and family.

These technological changes in the way we communicate are both good and bad.  You can increase the quantity of your communication, reaching a large number of customers and fellow business people in a short period of time.  You can network around the world in an hour and market to vast numbers of potential customers in a mouse-click.  But what about the quality of your communication?

How can you humanize, and personalize your business?  Consider weighing each message in terms of its importance to your business success, and don’t be afraid to go low-tech from time to time to create a more meaningful interaction.  Schedule a business lunch.  Offer a face-to-face meeting.  Make a list of customers and / or business associates you haven’t “seen” in a while and set up individualized time with them.  Like Dave Grohl, consider your business model and the wants and desires of your customers and the businesses in your network.  When you take the time to emphasize quality over quantity, people will take notice and appreciate it.

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