Lead Delivery Sites That Work?

It happens in every line of business–the promise that an advertising site or system will deliver unlimited leads into the palm of your hand.  This website or ad will be out there drumming up business while you sleep!  When the reality sinks in (“I paid $200 / month and got nothing!”) you typically sign off, cancel, and complain to your peers (“that one did nothing for me.”)

In the wedding / event business, running my company DJ Bri Swatek, Spinning with Style, I have tried nearly all the lead delivery sites and systems out there over the years, including WeddingWire, The Knot, WedAlert, Gigmasters, WeDJ, Eventective, Decidio, etc.  I’ve partnered with venues, worked their bridal shows and advertised in their books.  I’ve partnered with other vendors on inclusive packages.  I tried Facebook and Google advertising, and I even used to have an ad in the phone book!

Every line of business has these types of advertising and lead delivery systems.  After years of throwing things against the wall to see what sticks, I’ve noticed two things . . .

One thing I’ve found is that you have to work backwards and ask yourself, is this site right for me?  There are lead delivery sites that work, but you have to find the right one!  It’s not what the site can deliver, it’s what you bring to the site–is it a good fit for your brand?  Would your ideal customer visit this site?  Would you stand out as the best choice there?  Does the format and content of the site play to your strengths?

Secondly, you have to view these sites as one more of the 10+ impacts you’re going to need to make for a customer to decide to contact you.  You have to be there, known (if not recommended) by their other vendors, prominent in Google search results, available on their mobile phone, recommended by friends, etc.  In most cases, lead delivery sites are just another place to be seen, another chance to expose your brand, and not a truck that is going to back up to your front door and dump a load of cash on your business.

Track your results, listen to your customers, and it’ll be pretty obvious where to spend your advertising dollars.

Continued success,

About Bri Swatek

DJ Bri Swatek, Spinning with Style, Your DJ for Your Unique Style in the Hudson Valley of New York: www.DJBriSwatek.com
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