Facebook Graph Search: What It Means for Your Business and Your Customers

First there was the Internet.  Then, there was Facebook.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Facebook’s rise to the #1 spot on the Internet has revolutionized the way we interact online.  This is especially true for business owners looking to market, advertise, and sell their goods and services online.  Truly, if a customer can’t find you in some way, shape, or form on Facebook these days, it’s going to be an uphill challenge to make the sale.

This radical change in how we do business continues with Facebook’s latest updates to its “Graph Search.”

What is graph search?  According to Brandon Griggs and Heather Kelly at CNN, it’s the user’s ability to use the search box on Facebook to explore how “people, photos, places and interests” connect with “the wealth of data already inside Facebook, pulled from 1 billion profiles, 24 billion photos and 1 trillion connections.”  (cnn.com)  Of particular interest to business owners and advertisers, Griggs and Kelly note:

“Other searches could be useful for business recommendations. You can find doctors, or restaurants, based on friends’ endorsements. For example, if you wanted good Indian food in San Francisco, you might search for ‘Indian restaurants in San Francisco liked by my friends from India.’ The results pull in practical information as well, such as reviews and prices.”  (cnn.com)

Furthermore, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that “the company will not be working with Google on search functions,” meaning that your business’s Google SEO ranking and a potential customer’s ability to find you on Facebook will be two separate things.  (cnn.com)

How can you make sure that a Facebook search by a potential customer works to your business’s advantage?

Matt McGee at Search Engine Land has a few tips in his article “SEO For Facebook Graph Search?” including having a fully accurate “About” section on your page, making sure your address is correctly updated (similar to a local Google+ / Google Places search), and “giving your fans a reason to interact with your content on an ongoing basis.”  (searchengineland.com)

All of McGee’s advice applies of course to your business page on Facebook, not your personal profile.  If you’re using your personal profile as (or instead of) a business page, now more than ever it’s time to set up a page on Facebook for your business.

You can read more about how to optimize your Facebook business page for the expanding role of graph search at


As always, social proof and personal recommendations are simply the most trusted source of information for your potential customers.  There’s nothing more powerful than word of mouth, or, in this case, word of Facebook’s graph, for your continued success.

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